Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fun With Morning Shadows

It takes so little to makes me happy.  I can even have fun with shadows on the wall.  The above photo was made two days ago.  These unique shadows were from the morning sun peeking behind a window treatment and landing on a vintage prism lamp and a crystal cross.  These two items were sitting on a buffet in our dining room.  In the mornings, I can't help but be stopped in my tracks when I see these unique wall shadows.  After stopping, I run and grab my camera.  I posted the above photo on Facebook the other day.  One FB friend mentioned he saw the Wicked Witch of the West on the left. :-)  I had mentioned the photo had a science fiction appeal to it having used the lomo-ish setting and cross process on it.  At first I had
seen the figure on the right as a Martian-like creature.  Later I looked at it and ... egads!  It was a

The next day's shadows, how different they appeared.  I had not touched  or staged one thing and there was a totally different look.  The light and shadows are as unique as each sunrise and sunset.


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