Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where do birds go when they die?

Several months ago on my daily walk,
the bird was by the curb as though it had just laid down to rest.  I have
a feeling it had been injured by a passing car on the
busy street beside the parking lot.

The thought has occured to me at different times in my life, where did birds go when they died?  I had never seen a dead bird fall from the sky.  I wondered if I was the only one who had ever wondered this, thanks to Google, I know I join the ranks of many others who have had similar thoughts and questions.

I read it is the opinion of "bird experts" that birds sometimes roost in trees when they are feeling sickly.  They seek out secluded places where hopefully they won't be discovered by prey.  I also read that sick woodpeckers crawl into tree holes.

A sick or injured bird is often discovered by predators, that accounts for there not being many found on the ground.  As a result of the bird's light body mass, their bodies decompose quickly.

I feel now I have a better understanding of where birds go when they die.


  1. I believe there is a birdie heaven, where our feathered friends congregate on heavenly telephone lines for an eternal convention. It is written that the first shall be last and that the meak shall inherit. Therefore, I suppose that tiny hummingbirds and little wrens and sparrows shall rule there, and the eagles and vultures shall follow. Great post!

  2. Tiny Hummingbirds quenching their thirst from a pomagranite flower in my partents backyard were so beautiful that I used to ask my father is heaven any better than that. Hi, this is Munir over here at Focus. Have a blessed day.

  3. we sometimes find dead birds in the woods. just laying there, dead. they weren't attacked. we never like the sight.
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  4. Seagulls fly out to sea to die and then fall out of the sky when they run out of energy. Then are eaten by larger sea dueling creatures.
    Thanks for your post :)

    I had no idea what woodpeckers did! You have such an interesting blog.
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